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Brooke Mann – HH & TOC Athlete of the Week

March 10, 2014 – We are excited to name Brooke Mann as this week’s Athlete of the Week. Brooke has been recognized for this award for her athletic performance in Softball. Not only did Brooke place 4th in the SEAA Softball League in 2012, she also was one of the 2013 USSAA State Champions. Brooke not only succeeds in the realm of sports. She maintains an impressive 3.87 GPA at Lincoln County High School. Brooke is also a Beta Club Member and the Secretary of the FPU Student Utility Board. Brooke also gives back to her community by her involvement with service projects like Relay for Life, the Junior House Walk, and the Heart Walk. Brooke’s ability to succeed at anything she puts her mind to makes her a perfect candidate for this week’s Athlete of the Week Award. Congratulations Brooke!

Brooke Mann (573x640)

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