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Alli Swinford – D1 Chattanooga Character Athlete of the Month

January 31, 2014 – D1 Chattanooga’s Character Athlete of the Month for the month of January is Alli Swinford. Alli has shown deep admiration towards being the perfect example of a D1 Athlete through her RESPECT for her coaches and others in her class. She has been a member for over a year now. Alli RESPECTS what she believes D1 can do for her so much that she drives over 30 minutes every day to come to D1. Alli also has the opportunity to train 5 minutes from her house at a new speed and conditioning facility, but she loves her D1 family so much that she chooses to drive all the way to D1 Chattanooga. Alli is 14 years old and does our 15-18 PREP class atleast 4 days a week. She plays for the Chattanooga Force Select Softball team. Alli is the perfect example of what RESPECT means to D1 as she has the utmost RESPECT for all of our coaches and her peers in the class.

Alli Grace Swinford_Jan '14_Respect-Chatt


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