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High Fructose Corn Syrup Won’t Kill You

CLICK HERE to read a very interesting article in Forbes magazine about High Fructose Corn Syryp (HFCS).

Summing up here, it seems we are always quick to demonize and focus on one thing. The media attention can draw our gaze as we fixate on a single evil. It is an understandable thing to do.

“It’s THIS, THIS one thing that is causing the obesity epidemic.”

These statements leave out other dietary considerations and over-simplify complex conditions. Perhaps the over-consumption of sugars and calories in general is more to blame here – but this doesn’t sound as sexy to the media monster. The truth is that there are always many factors involved in any equation, and unfortunately nothing is simple and is rarely straight forward. The stand out factor that has garnered attention with HFCS seems to be the Fructose component. Many hear that Fructose is a poison, and is somehow the evil counterpart of sugar, but the truth is that Fructose is naturally and simply, fruit sugar. It is found in most plants, fruits and honey. When bonded with glucose it forms sucrose — table sugar. It is not an evil monster, but a natural part of this world, which our bodies are quite accustom and efficient in dealing with.

Ultimately the over-consumption of any particular edible can be a dangerous practice for long term health. Humans are meant to eat a varied and seasonal diet, while maintaining an active lifestyle. It is a challenge in this day-in-age to eat a well rounded, varied, whole-food diet, but this is our mantle for long term health and wellness and we must be willing to pick it up.

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