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Colorado Springs Boot Camp

D1 Boot Camps and Personal Trainers in Greenville SC

D1 Greenville offers a variety of ways to get in shape. If you prefer a team workout, then the D1 Boot Camp is for you. If you would rather work one-on-one with an individual trainer, we …

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The Jackson – Early Birds

The Jackson’s are a couple that get their day started like they came out of rocket ship. They lift, run, sweat and compete while most of us are flipping our pillows to the cool side. See …

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AJ Hawk – Off-Season Workout at D1

D1 Columbus co-owner AJ Hawk is tough. Take a lesson from the Pro Bowler by checking out his off-season workouts at D1 Columbus.

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Muscle Confusion vs. Progressive Overload

Understanding the concept of progressive overload for improvement is very important when discussing training. Unfortunately the idea of “muscle confusion” has a lot of people confused about what exactly effective training and programming is. Changing your …

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Boot Camps Charlotte NC

D1 Boot Camps Matthews NC and Charlotte NC

D1 Sports Training is “the place for the athlete.” As one of the premier fitness centers in Charlotte NC, D1 delivers athletic-based training for men, women and children of all ages. You don’t have to be …

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